Covid 19 Pre-cautions

Prior to each class, students will be required to complete a self assessment:

Covid 19 self assessment:

An email will be sent prior to each class with the Covid 19 link.


All Classes

All classes are limited to ten (10) people excluding instructors, typically two in our classes.

If you are experiencing symptoms, please stay home and keep everyone safe.

Arrival 5 minutes before class and exit immediately after.

You must wear a mask when entering and leaving the class.

Bring a bare minimum of belongings to class.

You must maintain social distancing while dancing, six feet apart.

Class numbers will be limited; this varies by location.

No drop ins due to Covid 19.


Partner Classes

You must register as partners.

You must wear a mask at all times in class.

You must remain with your partner for all classes.

Solo Classes

You must wear a mask during classes.