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Son Cubano is a style of Afro-Cuban music that forms the bedrock for most forms of salsa music and Latin jazz.Son Cubano is translates roughly to "the Cuban sound." The term describes a popular music genre that originated in the highlands of eastern Cuba using both European and African instruments and musical customs. Son Cubano draws melodic and harmonic language from Spanish guitar and vocal music. Its famous percussion section—featuring bongos, congas, timbales, claves, and more—traces primarily to the Bantu region of central Africa. The international presence of the son can be traced back to the 1930s when many bands toured Europe and North America, leading to ballroom adaptations of the genre such as the American rhumba. Similarly, radio broadcasts of son became popular in West Africa and the Congos, leading to the development of hybrid genres such as Congolese rumba. In the 1960s, New York's music scene prompted the rapid success of salsa, a combination of son and other Latin American styles primarily recorded by Puerto Ricans. While salsa achieved international popularity during the second half of the 20th century, in Cuba son evolved into other styles such as songo and timba, the latter of which is sometimes known as "Cuban salsa". Son is " The Father of Casino or Cuban Salsa" and one of the main characteristics is that the dance will be a contra-tiempo, where the stronger bits will be on the 8 count and 4 count as a difference from Casino is dance a tiempo with strong bit on count 1 and count 5. Son Tradicional is slower and more cadenced, elegant and stylish. In this course you will learn history, music, dance and an important part of cuban Culture.

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