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Kids Salsa School Dance Programs in Toronto

Work with us to bring dynamic salsa dance programs for children in elementary and secondary students in Toronto.

Bring "shummy" salsa dances classes to your school.

Our Shumdesalsa Dance Program is intended for both Elementary (Grades 1-8) and Secondary (Grades 9-12) students.


Dance is a physical and non-verbal medium for learning about one’s self and the world. Dance provides an opportunity for students to develop physically and cognitively in imaginative ways.


With Shumdesalsa’s dance program, students learn dance techniques that emphasize body awareness and help to develop physical strength and flexibility, all the while, building a safe and fun space for students to use their bodies for creative expression.

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About Your Instructor

Our kids dance and school programs are taught by Dailyn Martinez.

Dailyn is from Cuba. She is a passionate performer and an experienced instructor. She brings an explosion of positive energy and personality to her classes. 

Our Vision

  • To develop a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable dance community reflecting all Canadians and multicultural backgrounds.


Our Mission

  • To promote and support the advancement of all forms of dance and, in our case, Caribbean/Latin styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and more.

  • To help students to develop an understanding and appreciation of dance, as well as the ability to create works using the elements of dance and the choreographic forms of the discipline.

  • To continue developing interests in our dance community.

  • To continue to produce dance programs and educational seminars.


Our Values

  • Connectivity and communication.

  • Support and celebration of diversity.

  • Provision of opportunities to raise the profiles for all forms of dance and their practitioners.

Who We Are

SHUMDESALSA was created in early 2016 by Dailyn Martinez, who is the Owner and Artistic Director of the company. Dailyn graduated from the National School of Art and Variety in Havana, Cuba with Honours.


SHUMDESALSA focuses on Casino style (Cuban Salsa), Traditional Cuban, and Afro-Cuban dance. They have always been a mobile company which allows for flexibility in locations for their adult and school classes. You can find SHUMDESALSA classes at locations such as Lula Lounge, Dance Annex, and the DanceTogether Project. 


Currently, Shumdesalsa has expanded to include a variety of opportunities for people to enjoy the world of dance. Dailyn travels to both elementary and secondary schools; has created team building and leadership workshops; has provided her students with opportunities to perform in local festivals; and more recently, her students performed in a music video “Homenaje a los Beatles,” an international collaboration which Dailyn choreographed. Shumdesalsa also organizes and leads dance trips to Havana Cuba. These trips offer an authentic Cuban dance and cultural experience for Dailyn’s students and their guests. 


So what does the SHUM in SHUMDESALSA mean? SHUM is definitely not a Spanish word! It’s actually a very powerful word that Dailyn has created and uses in her classes all the time. For Dailyn, SHUM represents the free spirit of movement. There comes a moment when one just lets go of their fears and allows the “free ride of music that moves the body” to take over. Dailyn explains, “we all have SHUM, and it’s just a matter of time until we understand how to use it.” That’s what the “SHUM” in SHUMDESALSA stands for, and that’s part of what gives students a unique and enjoyable dance experience! “When you embrace the SHUM,  you will become a lover of the Salsa Style.”


Every program is very unique and specific. Please contact us directly at 

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