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Latin Styling Classes in Toronto
for leaders & followers 

Learn how to impress while dancing Cuban Salsa (also known as Casino)  with style and confidence.

What is styling class?

This course is design for all level of dancers.


If you are a beginner and want to learn to work in your confidence level and style before dancing with a partner, this will be the best course to start with.


Or if you are a follower that reached a plateau in your dancing skills and what to improve your style, musicality and movements, these classes will also give you the boost you need.


This course will focus in Solo "Suelta" steps. A sudden pause and drop during "dile que no" or the subtle figure-eight movement while doing a basic step that will make your dance fun, stylish and elegant!

Please note this is not a choreography class but each class will increase in complexity therefore, a small routine will be created at the end of the course to easily remember all the moves.

There are 3 types of Latin salsa dance.

  1. LA Style

  2. New York Style

  3. Puerto Rican Style

LA Style (Dancing on 1)

LA style salsa is danced in a line or "slot" with dancers exchanging positions throughout the dance, unlike Cuban salsa which is danced in a more circular fashion. The two essential elements of this dance are the forward–backward basic step and the cross-body lead.

New York Style (Dancing on 2)

It is a linear form of salsa, where dancers dance in a slot, similar to LA style salsa. Unlike other styles of salsa, however, New York style is danced on the second beat of the music ("on 2"), and the follower, not the leader, steps forward on the first measure of the music.

Puerto Rican Style

Puerto Rican salsa lines are clean, shoulder shimmies abound and arm movements are circular. There is also an emphasis on dancing to Clave rhythm (2/3 clave). As dancers break away from their partners, they execute complicated and fast solo footwork called “shines” for the audience, as soloists.

When you sign up for our Latin Ladies Styling classes in Toronto, we'll introduce you to all 3 types.


What will you learn?

This is a course open to all level of dancers and a partner is not required. This is a Solo “SUELTA” steps class. 


First, we will teach you how to dance “a tiempo” (on time) and able to identify where the count start on each beat of the music. 


Next, we will concentrate on the arms, footwork, posture, dancing freestyle and hips movements. You will see an improvement in your dancing. It will become more fluid, versatile, stylish (or as we like to say, shummy) and as a result, the enjoyment is infinite.


You will learn how to add style to steps such as:

  • Guapea

  • Dile que no

  • Right and left turn 

  • Figure 8 hips 

  • Syncopated steps


This class is made for solo dancers, specifically followers.

Casual Attire

Dress comfortably in sneakers and loose pants.

Unlimited Classes

When you have a membership with us, you have unlimited classes in any of our studios in Toronto.

Don't know your level?

Contact us to book a $25 drop-in class and we'll assess your level.


About Your Instructors

Our Latin Ladies Styling classes are taught by instructor, Dailyn Martinez.

Dailyn is from Cuba. She is a passionate performer and an experienced instructor. She brings an explosion of positive energy and personality to her classes. 


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