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Bachata Classes in Toronto

Learn the sensual and traditional dance of Bachata from Dominicans.

What is Bachata?

Bachata originated in the 1960's throughout the rural areas and marginal neighbourhoods of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the beginning this era, rhythms were called “Musica de Amarge” mainly due to the lyrics about broken hearts. Later on by the 1980’s, the name changed to Bachata.


This genre's roots is bolero with elements from Traditional Cuban Son. These two cuban rhythms were very popular in the years 1920’s to 1050’s in Dominican Republic.


Nowadays there are two main types of bachata styles:

  1. Tradicional Bachata

  2. Sensual Bachata


What will you learn?

At Shumdesalsa, we offer traditional Bachata commonly danced in the Dominica. For this particular style, we focus mainly on musicality, foots works, and free movements for leaders and followers - whether or not it's for solo steps or partner work. 

If you sign up for our Bachata dance classes in Toronto, this is what you can expect to learn:

Basic on the spot

Back cross

Front cross


Solo or Partner

Come with a partner or come alone. We'll match you with a partner in class.

Casual Attire

Dress comfortably in sneakers and loose pants.

Unlimited Classes

When you have a membership with us, you have unlimited classes in any of our studios in Toronto.

Don't know your level?

Contact us to book a $25 drop-in class and we'll assess your level.


About Your Instructors

Our Bachata dance classes are taught by instructors, Dailyn Martinez and Enrico Casertano.

Dailyn is from Cuba and Enrico is from the Dominican Republic. Both are passionate performer, and experienced instructors. They bring energy and personality to their classes. 


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