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Salsa for Weddings in Toronto

Private salsa dance classes for weddings and special events in Toronto.

Impress guests with a "shummy" salsa dance.

We give private one-on-one classes to help you prepare for your special day. 


About Your Instructor

Our Latin Ladies Styling classes are taught by instructor, Dailyn Martinez.

Dailyn is from Cuba. She is a passionate performer and an experienced instructor. She brings an explosion of positive energy and personality to her classes. 

More about Shumdesalsa

  • Shumdesalsa was created in early 2016 by Dailyn. She has been the Artistic Director, dance Instructor and choreographer of the company since day one. 

  • Dailyn graduated from the National School of Art and Variety in Havana, Cuba. 

  • Shumdesalsa mission is to spread Cuban dance culture, history and rich Afrocuban rhythm.

  • Shumdesalsa is always been a mobile company having different locations throughout Toronto for their adult and youth classes, focusing in Casino (Cuban salsa), traditional Cuban dance, Afro Cuban and Latin Dance in general .

  • Moving all around the city you can find Shumdesalsa classes at different locations such as Lula Lounge, Dance Annex Studios and Steps Dance Studio.

  • ShumdeSalsa have expanded to include dance school programs, team building and leadership workshops, wedding performance and by March 2020 Shumdesalsa was already launching their 4th tour to Havana Cuba with Travel Agency ElderTreks. We aim to give our clients the most genuine Cuban experience as possible.


Every wedding and special event is very unique and specific. The number of lessons and price depends on your needs and expectations, as well as your level of dance and knowledge.


Please contact us directly at 


We highly recommend booking a private one-on-one class to discus details about your special event.

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