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This is a "Dailynism".  It is neither

Spanish nor English, rather it is Dailyn's way of saying "your own personal style"

or adding flavour to your dance.



Cuban salsa dancing with a partner.



This is a Dailynism". Technically

Properly Correct.  You are doing the step or turn properly, without any shum.


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Shum -

​T.P.C. -

Cuban Salsa Terms

Casino -

Rueda de Casino - Cuban salsa dancing with a group ... from 4 to 40!

Paso Cubano - a back step, travelling on the 3 and 7.


Guapea - backward and forward step; often used in between turns.


Exhibila - "show her off" - an outside turn for follower.


Paseo - "go for a walk" - the follower walks around the leader.


Dile que no - "tell her no" - a cross body lead, usually to the Guapea step.


Dile que si - "tell her yes" - a cross body lead to closed/social position.


Enchufla - "plug her in" - counter clockwise turn for follower.


Setenta - "70" - combination of exhibila keeping hold of follower's left hand which goes behind their back, often followed by three enchuflas.


Guaguaco - a step from AfroCuban dance - with a different beat.


Mambo - a slower step - 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8.

LinkedIn Special Event Day, 2019

Intermedidate Casino Partners Class.

Beginners Instagram class, the start Covid programming!

Setenta (70) workshop Promotional video.

Shumdesalsa's First Performance Class!

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